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3D Wallpaper Installation Process By Royalspace

We will show you in our Installation Image in which we guide you step by step how to get the best result on fixing your Royal Wall Wallpaper to the wall and how to install your Royal Wall Wallpaper easily! Our Wallpaper can be installed in 3 or 4 rows of 47.5 cm, the 142.5 cm Diameter has a 3 row wallpaper pattern and the 190.0 cm Diameter has 4 row wallpaper pattern.

  1. Consultation: We begin by understanding your vision and preferences, ensuring a personalized design concept.

  2. Surface Preparation: We assess the condition of your walls and make any necessary repairs or priming.

  3. Material Selection: Choose from our extensive range of high-quality 3D wallpaper designs, textures, and colors.

  4. Measurement: Precise measurements are taken to ensure the wallpaper fits perfectly on your walls.

  5. Cutting and Alignment: Our skilled team carefully cuts and aligns the wallpaper panels to match your wall dimensions.

  6. Adhesive Application: We apply a specially formulated adhesive to the wall, ensuring a strong and lasting bond.

  7. Installation: The wallpaper panels are expertly installed, with attention to detail to eliminate wrinkles or air bubbles.

  8. Trimming and Finishing: Excess material is trimmed, and seams are seamlessly blended for a flawless look.

  9. Quality Inspection: Our team conducts a thorough quality check to ensure a perfect finish.

  10. Client Satisfaction: We hand over your transformed space, leaving you with a stunning 3D wallpaper installation that exceeds your expectations.

Royal Wall 3D Wallpaper Specification

The Royal Wall Wallpaper is handy and easy to install by following our instructions. You can easily the Wallpaper with Wallpaper adhesive or wallpaper paste. Check here and download the super easy Installation Manual where we guide you step by step to fix the Royal Wall wallpaper to your wall . Wallpaper adhesive or wallpaper paste is a specific adhesive based on modified starch to fix wallpaper to walls.

  1. Consultation: We initiate with a detailed discussion to understand your style, preferences, and project requirements.

  2. Site Inspection: Our team visits the space to assess dimensions, lighting, and wall conditions.

  3. Material Selection: Together, we choose the perfect 3D wallpaper design, texture, color, and pattern from our extensive catalog.

  4. Measurement: Precise measurements are taken to determine the amount of wallpaper needed for your project.

  5. Customization: If necessary, we can customize the wallpaper to fit unique spaces or incorporate personalized elements.

  6. Durability and Maintenance: We provide information on the chosen wallpaper’s durability, cleaning, and maintenance requirements.

  7. Cost Estimate: A detailed cost estimate is provided, including materials, labor, and any additional services.

  8. Timeline: We establish a project timeline, ensuring a clear understanding of when the installation will occur.

  9. Approval: Upon your approval of the specifications and estimate, we proceed with ordering materials and scheduling the installation.

  10. Quality Assurance: Throughout the project, we maintain strict quality control to ensure the final result meets our high standards and your satisfaction.