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[ about Royalspace]

Royalspace: Crafting Dreamscapes, One Space at a Time

Specializes in providing turnkey design solutions for high end residential luxury homes and commercial projects.
We have achieved a reputation on the GCC market for
our ability to create luxurious, sophisticated interiors of
timeless quality, extraordinary design, and functionality,
infused with clients personal style and desires. Most
importantly we respect our client’s budget and
established timeline

[ Royalspace Vission]

Royalspace Vision: Redefining Spaces, Inspiring Lives

We design as big as a building and as small as a wall..Everyone deserves a beautiful home..Our vision is to serve everyone who wants to decorate their homes.


We propose best designs/interior decor/styling within the budget of Each client. We design all scales of spaces that includes entire building to a very Small entrance or just a wall

[ Royalspace Mission]

Creating Timeless Interiors, Tailored for You

“Established in India by Er. Adil Khan and Ankit Goyal, our mission is to exceed the limits of perfection in interior design, visualizing and expressing clients’ desires while providing exceptional

customer service through our 3D rendering experts, bringing your ideas to life with life-like visuals for classical or modern fit-outs before project execution.”

[ company strategy ]


The core principle is that focus of the natural world.

Nature-Centric Aesthetics

The unique aspect is the commitment to reintroducing "NATURE" into designs.

Reconnecting with Nature

To realize the vision, the approach centers on creating harmony between interior and exterior spaces while emphasizing the use of materials in their authentic, unaltered forms.

Emphasis on Harmony and Authenticity

The overarching vision is to rekindle humanity's connection with its origin, which is nature itself.

Vision of Returning to Origin
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